HELLO , We have blessings good and bad so when the bad happen go with it. Pain is a test of our life sometime if feels like you can ‘t get up.GOD will be there to pick up you.Mothers  we know this everyday you pick yourself up.pull your kids out of bed get them dressed. they love us we love them to be the the apple of someones eye. So think about it GOD see us the same way.  SO .BEBLESSED!


Robert Shapiro on George Zimmerman potentially taking the stand: “That chair is the most difficult chair in the world to sit in”

Piers Morgan

As Wednesday saw the George Zimmerman trial recess for the Fourth of July holiday, jurors have been left with plenty to ponder while the prosecution prepares to continue its case Friday morning at 8:30 a.m.

In reviewing and evaluating the proceedings to this point, “Piers Morgan Live” welcomed celebrity attorney Robert Shapiro, asking the man who successfully defended O.J. Simpson if the defendant may soon speak on his own behalf:

“Is there anything to be gained, Robert, by Zimmerman taking the stand, given the amount of material from his own mouth that we’ve already heard,” Piers Morgan asked his guest during the exclusive, live interview.

“Yes,” began Shapiro. “The jury can see him, look him in the eye, and that’s the best way to make a determination if you’re believing that person was actually in fear for his life.”

But despite the potential value of Zimmerman’s testimony, Shapiro admitted…

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